Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello, again....

Yes, this blog is still alive! I have taken some time to enjoy the holidays and the last month of hunting season, but plan to get back to blogging regularly very soon.

I have been enjoying the sports pages and watching the coaching circus in college football continue. Not sure what to think of the stories about Rich Rodriguez, and am still wondering who Alabama will grab as an offensive coordinator.

I, personally, did not share in all of the enthusiasm as others when Applewhite was hired, so it does not bother me that he is gone. To me, it was a case of head coach just picking up someone that was available to get them through as season or two. Hopefully, Saban will find a proven coordinator for the job, and one that can tolerate the head coach.

I have heard alot of people say that Coach Saban is a hard person to work with. The ones that complain the most are usually the ones that are not doing their jobs. Anyone in any kind of leadership position has had to contend with this.

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