Saturday, November 5, 2016

It is Time for Change - Please Vote Responsibly

This week, President Obama said, "Everything we've done is so that we can pass the baton to someone who believes in the same things I do."

That is the long version of what we often hear, "Hillary as president will be like 4 more years of Obama," or "We cannot afford to have four more years of the same." So when you hear this, you should know that is EXACTLY what Democrats and Obama, specifically, have in mind. He has his own agenda and is essentially training her up to carry on with his legacy of screw ups - those in which we are aware and those that are in the pipeline now which we are unaware. In addition, he has done all of this campaigning for her at our expense (we pay for the jet maintenance and fuel through taxes) and when he should be managing our country. Why risk the leadership of our country with unjustified flights and speaking engagements?

Without a change from time to time, things become stagnant. In government, they become corrupt. With all of the evidence of pay for play, lies to higher authorities, and forcing associates to plead the Fifth - just to name a few - how can anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? How can she get a single vote? Has our society seen, acted and lived in such a corrupt environment for so long that we no longer care about truth and accountability?

If so, do we no longer care about jobs, housing, taxes, our government playing big brother on us? Does it not raise suspicion and make you ask "Why?" when Hillary smashed numerous cellphones and tablets with a hammer? Why would a person have 7 to 10 of these?

Trump is not a perfect candidate - nobody is. Unfortunately, we do not have an honorable person this time; a Reagan, for example. But like Reagan, Trump is NOT a politician. He sees things the way we see them and not through a donor's million dollar glasses in exchange for a favor. No one can deny his sincere concern and care for our country's future.

Please vote this week and please prayerfully vote for the right candidate. Our country is suffering. If you don't believe me, think of your hometown or a small town nearby. Do you see many vacate commercial buildings? Has new construction slowed or stopped? Do you see many homes for sale or in foreclosure? These things are happening in my hometown. We are almost a ghost town after being a thriving, growing yet quiet little vacation place only 8 years ago. Think about how many towns across our country could say the same thing and then think about how many people that possibly affects.

When a football team hires a new coach, a change of assistants, athletic directors, and other personnel usually follows so that all of the old school ideology is out, the slate is wiped clean, and a fresh start can begin. My friends, this is what we need now. Is it a gamble? Possibly, but remember, the President has the House and Senate to keep him from being a dictator or totally screwing up.

So, do you want a businessman who is willing to take a pay cut so he can try to grow our country to be our leader, or do you want a politician who has accepted money from countries who house and train terrorists, and was careless with classified information (or did she share it intentionally under the guise of a non-secured server?) to be our leader?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Congratulations ESPN Fayetteville

I read here about ESPN's decision to keep a football game off of the air due to the band's behavior and failure to play the National Anthem. This is the greatest move made yet to teach these selfish people that football is not about them.

Colin Kaepernick began taking a knee when he had to take the bench for failure to perform. It was just coincidental that someone associated it with "injustice" and associated it with some verse of the Nathional Anthem that nobody has sang in 100's of years. If one looks back over the last couple of years, CK has been in a downward spiral in his personal life and career, and what he is really protesting is his lack of playing time. You see, he did not feel like he was in bondage when he was a starter. Review the old film and see for yourself - he stood for every anthem. If he wants to use his platform for something great, to truly shed light on some injustice, to make a difference, he could stand on a corner in Chicago with a megaphone and plead with his own race to stop killing each other. He could cut his hair and look presentable and like someone that you would want your daughter to bring home. He could use his money to remove some of the nasty tattoos that he so enjoys.

Instead, as blacks often do, their failure to perform, to deliver, to succeed, results in the educational bar being lowered to reach their efforts (not ability), a break-out of their own cliques such as the Black Caucus, Black Social Workers Union, BET television, the black panthers, the Association of Black Psychologists, NAACP, the African American Planning Commission, National Association of Black Journalists, the UNCF and so many, many others, and extra time in the lime light. Every Sunday is spent talking about Kaepernick instead of the men and women in uniform, or about Jesus Christ. However, white people are racist as they co-exist with people of all nationalities, and generations of both races are supposed to owe each other something although neither was around during those horrible years of slavery.

Suppose the word "White" was used in front of all of these committees and organizations where the word "Black" or "Colored" belongs? The race war that everyone seems to be working towards would be in progress. Just flashback a month or so ago at the comments and innuendos during the last Grammy or Emmy or Whatever Awards. Because of the effort of many black artists to be foul-speaking rappers instead of true artists, such as Will Smith, something is wrong with the movie awards. Give me a break people.

And stop burning down your town when something does not go your way - you are only hurting yourself. Allow an investigation to occur, stop crying victim, and be something. For example, you destroyed Charlotte after a black man was killed by a black officer. Was that officer being racist? Nope. You just heard that a cop shot a black person and began to flood the streets and destroy your town. Did you ever stop to think what kind of impact that would have on tourism when the Minnesota Vikings came to Charlotte last Sunday? Of course you did not. What kind of memories do you think you impressed upon those who did travel from Minnesota? I can tell you that is was not one of Charlotte being a racist community because those read the whole story before deciding to travel. Instead, you left an impression of a community who does not care about their property, other people's property, or other people's lives. The investigation proved that the officer had a right to defend himself.

Instead of rushing to judgement, how about rushing home to your kids and teaching them right from wrong. Change your family tree- I had to change mine. And, while you take a knee during our country's National Anthem, where many lives were lost so that people like Kaepernick could be a millionaire and not have to produce, say a prayer.

Friday, July 8, 2016

All Lives Matter

At a time when we should be celebrating our nation’s independence, our nation is mourning its shame, its hatred, and the lives lost as a result of the actions of our own. At a time in our lives when terrorism is a word that children have had to understand, this week we terrorized ourselves. When will it stop? How can we defend our country against evil and protect our own backs at the same time?

You see, that seems to be where we are moving – to a time when we cannot turn our backs towards one another for fear of being harmed. What logic in what planet and in whose mind thinks that killing the innocent ones protecting us in Dallas justifies, rectifies, indemnifies an innocent life lost in another state? This logic does not even equate to the “an eye for an eye” laws of the old lands.

Why is the first part of the story, the root cause that sets everything in motion, always overlooked; unstated, unquestioned when relatives stand in front of a microphone and tell the story but beginning in the middle of the book? It is omitted from the crazy ass “logic” people use when they think that they can resist arrest, burn down their own towns, try to run over police officers, act upon their prejudices, portray racism or cry racism, and then dare to be held accountable.

How is it that only white people are racist when organizations such as the Black Caucus, Black Social Workers Union, BET television, the black panthers, the Association of Black Psychologists, NAACP, the African American Planning Commission, National Association of Black Journalists, the UNCF and so many, many others exist? Suppose the word “White” was used in front of all of these committees and organizations where the word “Black” or “Colored” belongs? The race war that everyone seems to be working towards would be in progress. Just flashback a month or so ago at the comments and innuendos during the last Grammy or Emmy or Whatever Awards.

Is there really such a thing as a “peaceful protest”? The video clips I have seen have depicted words of hatred, shown people with baseball bats in their arms, and members of the black panthers with their arms in the air. Do these behaviors promote peace or do they incentivize anger in young black or white men? Black and white people alike march in these protests, often holding hands and with both colors carrying signs. The media does not show much of this. Would the Dallas killings have been avoided if the media did not show the bad cops killing the two young men this week? Awareness is a great thing, but unharnessed can be dangerous.

Our Presidential Nominees have their slogans, such “Let’s Make America Great Again,” and whatever Clinton’s is. I suggest that we make America America again. We cannot build bridges to join the racial gaps if groups of people – bad cops or bad people – are destroying the foundation as quickly as it is laid down. We are living in a time when we need to stand together in unity so that we can defend our nation from the evilness of other nations that WILL BE coming to our homeland just as it is said in the Bible. Are we going to self destruct and make it easier for Satan’s army?

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

How about we change that to ALM or simply LM?

All Lives Matter.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

One Blade of Grass

Like hunting for a needle in a haystack, what is it that makes a dog have to hunt that one specific blade of grass before he can do his business? When I have not been to the toilet in awhile, I will take the first available - regardless of what building I am in or near. If I am in the woods hunting and get the urge, *poof*, there is a good spot (as long as it is not in front of a trail camera).

But, my little morkie does not share the same sentiment. He is peculiar, gets distracted easily, and then once he has regained his focus, he is back to being peculiar. He may have held that little nugget until the muscles of his rear end have cramped, but he is not letting go until he finds that one special blade of grass. Earlier, it was 30 feet from where it was yesterday. Tomorrow, it may not even exist in our yard. For that one blade of grass is elusive, or so it would appear, based on the bulging of Elvis's eyes and the puckering of his rectum, both visible from my view on the other end of a tautly pulled leash. Frantically, he searches for it, so it is not completely his fault - he does put forth quite a bit of effort. But, still, he searches deeply and methodically into the grass, which often reminds me of that time I lost a contact lens while hunting.

"It's just a turd, push it out, and let's get back inside," I often tell him, not that it helps. But, to me, I feel like I am encouraging him and so maybe it does. Otherwise, we may spend days out there, still searching...for that one blade of grass that in a dog's eyes reads, Bathroom.

As humans, we have heard the cliche about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence when contemplating a career change, or knowing someone who is. I guess for our little furry friends, they have their version of greener grass. Somehow, there is one blade among the thousands that is greener than the rest.

Apparently, the little fellow can read minds as well; he is now ringing a bell which indicates it is time to go search again. I hope we find that blade of grass close to the sidewalk this time; I am very tired today.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tonight I Was Reminded of Why I Quit Watching Pro Football

The city and fans of Cincinnati should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a football team, coaching staff, and fan base to behave as it did tonight. I tuned in to watch AJ McCarron, AJ Green, and a few other SEC players, likely future stars, and the current stars, such as Big Ben. People who play with heart and for the love of the game; who get back on the field after being injured. People like McCarron who was making the most out of his third start and only getting this big stage because the true starter, Andy Dalton, was injured.

Instead, I was reminded why I stopped watching professional sports: many of these guys are overly paid to induce violence. Anyone who can be seen on the sideline smiling while their team is losing is not a competitor. This can be see any week in the NFL. Perhaps it is that smile instead of passion and competitiveness that is the reason one's team is losing. Losing is supposed to hurt - not be something for which you smile.

What Vontaze Burfict did in the last offensive play by the Steelers should be reviewed by league officials and he should be barred from the game. That was nothing short of assault, of cheapness, and savagery, and had his intentions been successful, another player would have been severely injured. Severely. Watch the replay.

So, Burflict and Jones, you can sleep tonight, or party, or go get another tattoo or whatever it is you like to do, but do it knowing you cost your team a rare...a RARE...chance to advance in the playoffs. You cost a rookie QB who is only playing because the starter is injured, and second-year WR Green, and the others who hustled and blocked, what was a great comeback drive.

Burflict should have been benched early in the game as anyone could see he was eventually going to be a detriment to his team. I guess winning at any cost is acceptable to Marvin Lewis, so he rolled the dice. I hope they roll in your favor when your contract is reviewed. While I understand that winning is important, you have a sideline of capable people to replace that one individual. If your team relies on one person to win, you are in trouble.

How about trying to win one the way AJ and AJ did? Or with courage as Big Ben did? How about with focus as the kickers had to do in those conditions? How about with patience as a stadium full of wet fans sat waiting for an outcome? With actions such as seen tonight by the NFL, the fights of the NHL, and fake violence and real attempt at sexiness of the WWE, video games such as Grand Theft Auto, and less and less authoritative involvement by two-parent households, it is no wonder our world is going to hell and the future is dimmer.

To those fans who cheered and threw things while Big Ben was being carted off: I hope someone posts your actions on Facebook. If they will send them to me, I'll post them on the three blogs I own.

To the owners and management of the Bengals: Does your coach not have control of his team? Disregard, I know the answer to that one. You had must have held your heads down in shame throughout much of this game. You could not see the field for the rain, and between clouds you saw people on your payroll act uncivilized. And when you closed your eyes to pray for a chance at victory, you heard your fans cheering a hurt player. The next time you are writing million-dollar checks to these players, please send me one for a couple hundred thousand. You see, I am permanently on the IR list and need help with my bills. Before that, I was busting my ass at a 9 to 5 job for a few hundred bucks a week. I did it with pride, compassion, and competitiveness and did not have to put a hand on anyone.

To Tomlin: where is the leadership and control of your COACHES? More than a couple of times were they involved in the game - the last one being on the field in the midst of Bengal players when the last flag was thrown.

To AJ and AJ and the other young men on the Bengals' team: Ask to be traded. The playoffs are not worth being associated with these kinds of people. Besides, look at the Bengal's history in the playoffs. I realize this is your greatest chance to start, but please do not let this override your dignity.

I am sure that McCarron was exposed to more discipline, professionalism, and self-control when playing under Saban than he is seeing in the NFL.

Any 9 to 5 employee would play professional sports for their current salary and play like hell to win. These over-paid thugs, some with hair that hides their names on their jerseys, that predominantly make up the NFL are not deserving of the money they get and most will file bankruptcy before they are 40 years old.

Sorry AJ and AJ. I wanted you to win since you were in the light.

Ben, you have overcome more than a shoulder injury and I hope to see on the field next week. It is through hard, honest work that one is successful (wins, in your case) and that is why you won tonight. Congratulations.

How I Let My Dog Down......

Jack is a 14 year old lab with a young heart. He thinks he's a puppy despite his slow moving joints. All he wants is to sit in your lap; he does not care much for running and retrieving. He is just a friend. Though he lives in a large fenced backyard, he gets plenty of attention. On the rare cold nights in the southeast, he and our terrior, December, have a heater to keep them warm inside their insulated dog houses. A lit floodlight keeps Jack secure and calms his seemingly fear of the dark.

We have struggled in recent months as to handle Jack's debilitating health. You see, he is almost completely blind. We have to be within 10-12' feet of him for him to know where we are standing when we talk to him. Until then, he looks around, confused. Once he identifies our location, however, he wags his tail and security overcomes that unsettled look in his face. We have had to feed him canned food by hand to ensure that he gets proper nutrition.

Although December is a few years younger than he, she is the dominant one. She is also the mischievous one as she climbs the fence and/or digs underneath it. Jack barks for her when she is away; he barks for her when she will not play. As I said, Jack is still a puppy in his heart and mind. Yet, December is more of a serious personality and plays on her own terms.

This week, December met us in the front yard when we got home. Like before, we opened the gate and put her in the backyard. Unlike before, we failed to close it completely. The next day, December left again - probably going underneath the fence. It was a windy day, and the gate was blown open since it wasn't properly latched, so she might have just walked right out of the gate. In trying to be at her side as always, Jack did.

He left through the gate that we left open. I have looked for him for several days as have our neighbors and Facebook friends in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, we have not found him. In all of the years of keeping the heater on when it was cold, the floodlights on because he didn't like the dark, and putting him on the screened porch when neighbors were playing with fireworks because he didn't like the noise, we let Jack down this week by forgetting to latch the gate.

It has rained several times since he has been gone, so I do not know if he can find his way back with his nose. God, if Jack cannot find his way back, please do not let him suffer. We let Jack down; please lift him up.