Friday, July 8, 2016

All Lives Matter

At a time when we should be celebrating our nation’s independence, our nation is mourning its shame, its hatred, and the lives lost as a result of the actions of our own. At a time in our lives when terrorism is a word that children have had to understand, this week we terrorized ourselves. When will it stop? How can we defend our country against evil and protect our own backs at the same time?

You see, that seems to be where we are moving – to a time when we cannot turn our backs towards one another for fear of being harmed. What logic in what planet and in whose mind thinks that killing the innocent ones protecting us in Dallas justifies, rectifies, indemnifies an innocent life lost in another state? This logic does not even equate to the “an eye for an eye” laws of the old lands.

Why is the first part of the story, the root cause that sets everything in motion, always overlooked; unstated, unquestioned when relatives stand in front of a microphone and tell the story but beginning in the middle of the book? It is omitted from the crazy ass “logic” people use when they think that they can resist arrest, burn down their own towns, try to run over police officers, act upon their prejudices, portray racism or cry racism, and then dare to be held accountable.

How is it that only white people are racist when organizations such as the Black Caucus, Black Social Workers Union, BET television, the black panthers, the Association of Black Psychologists, NAACP, the African American Planning Commission, National Association of Black Journalists, the UNCF and so many, many others exist? Suppose the word “White” was used in front of all of these committees and organizations where the word “Black” or “Colored” belongs? The race war that everyone seems to be working towards would be in progress. Just flashback a month or so ago at the comments and innuendos during the last Grammy or Emmy or Whatever Awards.

Is there really such a thing as a “peaceful protest”? The video clips I have seen have depicted words of hatred, shown people with baseball bats in their arms, and members of the black panthers with their arms in the air. Do these behaviors promote peace or do they incentivize anger in young black or white men? Black and white people alike march in these protests, often holding hands and with both colors carrying signs. The media does not show much of this. Would the Dallas killings have been avoided if the media did not show the bad cops killing the two young men this week? Awareness is a great thing, but unharnessed can be dangerous.

Our Presidential Nominees have their slogans, such “Let’s Make America Great Again,” and whatever Clinton’s is. I suggest that we make America America again. We cannot build bridges to join the racial gaps if groups of people – bad cops or bad people – are destroying the foundation as quickly as it is laid down. We are living in a time when we need to stand together in unity so that we can defend our nation from the evilness of other nations that WILL BE coming to our homeland just as it is said in the Bible. Are we going to self destruct and make it easier for Satan’s army?

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

How about we change that to ALM or simply LM?

All Lives Matter.

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