Thursday, April 21, 2016

One Blade of Grass

Like hunting for a needle in a haystack, what is it that makes a dog have to hunt that one specific blade of grass before he can do his business? When I have not been to the toilet in awhile, I will take the first available - regardless of what building I am in or near. If I am in the woods hunting and get the urge, *poof*, there is a good spot (as long as it is not in front of a trail camera).

But, my little morkie does not share the same sentiment. He is peculiar, gets distracted easily, and then once he has regained his focus, he is back to being peculiar. He may have held that little nugget until the muscles of his rear end have cramped, but he is not letting go until he finds that one special blade of grass. Earlier, it was 30 feet from where it was yesterday. Tomorrow, it may not even exist in our yard. For that one blade of grass is elusive, or so it would appear, based on the bulging of Elvis's eyes and the puckering of his rectum, both visible from my view on the other end of a tautly pulled leash. Frantically, he searches for it, so it is not completely his fault - he does put forth quite a bit of effort. But, still, he searches deeply and methodically into the grass, which often reminds me of that time I lost a contact lens while hunting.

"It's just a turd, push it out, and let's get back inside," I often tell him, not that it helps. But, to me, I feel like I am encouraging him and so maybe it does. Otherwise, we may spend days out there, still searching...for that one blade of grass that in a dog's eyes reads, Bathroom.

As humans, we have heard the cliche about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence when contemplating a career change, or knowing someone who is. I guess for our little furry friends, they have their version of greener grass. Somehow, there is one blade among the thousands that is greener than the rest.

Apparently, the little fellow can read minds as well; he is now ringing a bell which indicates it is time to go search again. I hope we find that blade of grass close to the sidewalk this time; I am very tired today.

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