Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Congratulations ESPN Fayetteville

I read here about ESPN's decision to keep a football game off of the air due to the band's behavior and failure to play the National Anthem. This is the greatest move made yet to teach these selfish people that football is not about them.

Colin Kaepernick began taking a knee when he had to take the bench for failure to perform. It was just coincidental that someone associated it with "injustice" and associated it with some verse of the Nathional Anthem that nobody has sang in 100's of years. If one looks back over the last couple of years, CK has been in a downward spiral in his personal life and career, and what he is really protesting is his lack of playing time. You see, he did not feel like he was in bondage when he was a starter. Review the old film and see for yourself - he stood for every anthem. If he wants to use his platform for something great, to truly shed light on some injustice, to make a difference, he could stand on a corner in Chicago with a megaphone and plead with his own race to stop killing each other. He could cut his hair and look presentable and like someone that you would want your daughter to bring home. He could use his money to remove some of the nasty tattoos that he so enjoys.

Instead, as blacks often do, their failure to perform, to deliver, to succeed, results in the educational bar being lowered to reach their efforts (not ability), a break-out of their own cliques such as the Black Caucus, Black Social Workers Union, BET television, the black panthers, the Association of Black Psychologists, NAACP, the African American Planning Commission, National Association of Black Journalists, the UNCF and so many, many others, and extra time in the lime light. Every Sunday is spent talking about Kaepernick instead of the men and women in uniform, or about Jesus Christ. However, white people are racist as they co-exist with people of all nationalities, and generations of both races are supposed to owe each other something although neither was around during those horrible years of slavery.

Suppose the word "White" was used in front of all of these committees and organizations where the word "Black" or "Colored" belongs? The race war that everyone seems to be working towards would be in progress. Just flashback a month or so ago at the comments and innuendos during the last Grammy or Emmy or Whatever Awards. Because of the effort of many black artists to be foul-speaking rappers instead of true artists, such as Will Smith, something is wrong with the movie awards. Give me a break people.

And stop burning down your town when something does not go your way - you are only hurting yourself. Allow an investigation to occur, stop crying victim, and be something. For example, you destroyed Charlotte after a black man was killed by a black officer. Was that officer being racist? Nope. You just heard that a cop shot a black person and began to flood the streets and destroy your town. Did you ever stop to think what kind of impact that would have on tourism when the Minnesota Vikings came to Charlotte last Sunday? Of course you did not. What kind of memories do you think you impressed upon those who did travel from Minnesota? I can tell you that is was not one of Charlotte being a racist community because those read the whole story before deciding to travel. Instead, you left an impression of a community who does not care about their property, other people's property, or other people's lives. The investigation proved that the officer had a right to defend himself.

Instead of rushing to judgement, how about rushing home to your kids and teaching them right from wrong. Change your family tree- I had to change mine. And, while you take a knee during our country's National Anthem, where many lives were lost so that people like Kaepernick could be a millionaire and not have to produce, say a prayer.

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