Saturday, November 5, 2016

It is Time for Change - Please Vote Responsibly

This week, President Obama said, "Everything we've done is so that we can pass the baton to someone who believes in the same things I do."

That is the long version of what we often hear, "Hillary as president will be like 4 more years of Obama," or "We cannot afford to have four more years of the same." So when you hear this, you should know that is EXACTLY what Democrats and Obama, specifically, have in mind. He has his own agenda and is essentially training her up to carry on with his legacy of screw ups - those in which we are aware and those that are in the pipeline now which we are unaware. In addition, he has done all of this campaigning for her at our expense (we pay for the jet maintenance and fuel through taxes) and when he should be managing our country. Why risk the leadership of our country with unjustified flights and speaking engagements?

Without a change from time to time, things become stagnant. In government, they become corrupt. With all of the evidence of pay for play, lies to higher authorities, and forcing associates to plead the Fifth - just to name a few - how can anyone vote for Hillary Clinton? How can she get a single vote? Has our society seen, acted and lived in such a corrupt environment for so long that we no longer care about truth and accountability?

If so, do we no longer care about jobs, housing, taxes, our government playing big brother on us? Does it not raise suspicion and make you ask "Why?" when Hillary smashed numerous cellphones and tablets with a hammer? Why would a person have 7 to 10 of these?

Trump is not a perfect candidate - nobody is. Unfortunately, we do not have an honorable person this time; a Reagan, for example. But like Reagan, Trump is NOT a politician. He sees things the way we see them and not through a donor's million dollar glasses in exchange for a favor. No one can deny his sincere concern and care for our country's future.

Please vote this week and please prayerfully vote for the right candidate. Our country is suffering. If you don't believe me, think of your hometown or a small town nearby. Do you see many vacate commercial buildings? Has new construction slowed or stopped? Do you see many homes for sale or in foreclosure? These things are happening in my hometown. We are almost a ghost town after being a thriving, growing yet quiet little vacation place only 8 years ago. Think about how many towns across our country could say the same thing and then think about how many people that possibly affects.

When a football team hires a new coach, a change of assistants, athletic directors, and other personnel usually follows so that all of the old school ideology is out, the slate is wiped clean, and a fresh start can begin. My friends, this is what we need now. Is it a gamble? Possibly, but remember, the President has the House and Senate to keep him from being a dictator or totally screwing up.

So, do you want a businessman who is willing to take a pay cut so he can try to grow our country to be our leader, or do you want a politician who has accepted money from countries who house and train terrorists, and was careless with classified information (or did she share it intentionally under the guise of a non-secured server?) to be our leader?

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