Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I complain every year about the polls and the BCS rankings. This year is more bazaar than ever.

Last week, AP's #1 Oklahoma lost to #5 Texas. Texas moved to the #1 ranking, and rightfully so in my opinion, but where did Oklahoma go? They were handed a #4 ranking in AP poll. The Associated Press is saying that Oklahoma is a better 1-loss team this week than Texas was an undefeated team last week. How?

They are giving absolutely no considerations to Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and BYU. These guys should be your #4, #5, and #6 teams...if not higher. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Oklahoma State was ranked over my Alabama team, or if Penn State was.

Let's be fair about it. I am a Bama fan, but I do not think they are ready for the #1 or #2 ranking. So while we are being fair, let's get these media favorites, like USC and Oklahoma (or Ohio State and Georgia, if you look a little lower), out of the way. They cannot play the big games.

Without a doubt, Oklahoma State should be ranked above Oklahoma - in my opinion. Their win over Missouri was as impressive as Texas' win over Oklahoma. The poll system is a ripoff and the most disturbing part is that the fate of the really good teams that break the top 10 late in the season is being determined by the poorly determined pre-season rankings. Let's get the playoff system started and stop screwing these teams over year after year.

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The polls, to me, are idiotic. Sometimes they seem to get it right, but overall I think they're good for nothing more than fodder arund the water cooler.

OK, that said, I agree with the top 2. Texas beat a slightly over rated Oklahoma team that was surprisingly soft on the o-line & d-line. But, beating #1 at their place has to count a lot.

'bama dominated Georgia (previously ranked #1) and that deservedly earned them a spot at #2 (#1 in my voting).

But lesser teams (like OK State) have to play a lot better than "name" teams (like Oklahoma) in order to get their due. Also, teams like Utah, S Florida, BYU really are not very good teams, but simply based on being undefeated against lousy teams they get to artificially move into BCS range.

So arguing the polls is good fun, but when they count for BCS then they become criminal.

I say that if we're going to continue to have this hoax called BCS, leave the polls out of it.