Thursday, October 29, 2009

I was there...

What a game. I have attended many Alabama football games over the years, but never one against Tennessee. I was determined to go to this one, paid dearly for the tickets, and never sat down once I got there. We got our money's worth as this one went down to the wire. It was a stressful end to a stressful week.

A few co-workers and I flew out of Atlanta the previous Monday morning to Indianapolis. We drove from there to Waterloo, IN, to work for a couple of days. From there, we drove to El Paso, IL, to work for a day, and then flew from Bloomington. IL, back to Atlanta on Friday.

I got home around 7:15 pm Friday and was in bed before 8. Slept like crazy, had a few dreams and when I woke from one dream it was only 9:20pm. I went back to sleep, dreamed again, and when I woke this time it was 11:30pm. I got out of bed, read a few articles about the next day's games, and got back in bed at 1:30 am. At 6:00 am, my wife and I climbed out of bed, got showers, and drove 4 hours to Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama and Tennessee play.

We got back home at 11:00 pm and I spent the next two days catching up on my sleep!

Roll Tide!

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