Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My time of year is approaching.....

I still cannot believe how quickly the year is passing by. I remember as child telling my dad that the time sure did fly by while we were out for summer vacation or on a beach trip or doing something else fun. Every time I would make that comment, my dad would always tell me that it goes even more quickly as you get older. As a young person, that never meant anything to me. Now, in my 40's, I realize more and more every year what my dad meant.

We are just a few months from Fall, football, and probably some news of a hurricane making landfall. This is my favorite time of the year and I wish I could just pause it when it gets here and make it last forever.

My friends and family think I am weird, but I get a little buzz when we have a hurricane or tropical storm in the Gulf. It is so amazing to me to see Mother Nature at work. I probably would not feel this way if I lived closer to the coast and had to experience major loss as the people in New Orleans and along the coastal line have, or if I had lost a loved one in a storm. But as it is, I love to track it, then sit in my screened porch with a glass of tea, and watch whatever it offers us. Here, we usually have wind damage, a lot of rain, and frequent tornadoes.

Some years, we have enjoyed the storm during the week and then enjoyed a good football game on Saturday. That is a good week for me, especially if I get to squeeze a hunting trip in, too.

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