Monday, January 28, 2013


Ever heard of it? I had not until October 2011. I have kept quiet about it as I have tried to educate myself regarding the diagnosis while further testing has and is being conducted.

It seems as though now I have a tag along problem....seizures. I'm not sure if one created the other, they are a package deal, or maybe all of this is a misdiagnosis. I hope so, but I also know that my life is now very different since October 2011.

However, a couple of very good, open-minded and willing to listen doctors have provided me with different medications that seem to be helping with the POTS/OI sub-categories in which I was diagnosed. Then, the seizures began occurring.

I spent the first year or so learning to cope. I have spent the remainder of my time living life to the fullest. No, I haven't gone skydiving, as Tim McGraw sings in his tribute to his dad, but I just completed a full season of deer hunting - something I missed last year. Turkey season is coming soon.

You need to understand, however, that it is not about killing a trophy. The trophy is in my heart, as it is much stronger than my body, and I get to carry it as long as I have the faith and strength to live my life victoriously over this or any other challenge. And then there are the seizures.

But before that, there was Philippians 4:13, which has resided in my heart most of my life.

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