Friday, July 24, 2015

360 degrees

I have had the outdoors on my mind all week and mounting my new scope on my rifle last night only brought back memories to last season when I spent quality time with my closest friends on several trips to the great outdoors. One of these trips lead to my greatest accomplishment of my life - a very nice buck.

However, I began this morning with college football on my mind - perhaps after dreaming about a Yeti cooler last night. Yes, my focus shifted from my scope to reflecting on last hunting season to dreaming about Yeti coolers. If you interpreted all of that, here is more: shortly after my feet hit the floor, I received an invitation to the Buckmaster's Expo next month, so my mind was back on hunting. Full circle. But, before you call me nuts or say I may suffer from ADD, I received THE catalog from Red Head today which furthered my thoughts of climbing a tree or pitching camp. I am not talking about their little fall magazine either. I mean the big book. 600 pages.

So, while I may have a slight case of ADD, I believe it was meant to be. Scope, memories, cooler, football, hunting, catalog. Yep, that is destiny. It is 100 degrees outside, but 35 degrees with an earthly scent in my mind.

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