Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wake Up, People!

It continues to amaze me just how many people are out of touch with what Obama did to our nation during his tenure. He spent so much time and money taking care of other nations and being careful not to step on their toes, that he completely lost his focus on the United States.

Nobody protested and burned down buildings, camped out at airports, or did we even see women marching when our troops were being beheaded on national television, jobs were being lost, the real estate market tanked for eight years, or he allowed people to freely enter the U.S. without proper verification of who they were.

When Bush was in office, he said after 9/11, "Never again on our soil." How many people were killed or injured in terrorist attacks on our soil the last eight years? Now, we have a President who genuinely cares about our jobs, our safety, and the country, and you people are protesting? Hollywood is mocking him? Some news channels are only broadcasting a "loop" of the negatives in an attempt to magnify and undermine what Trump is doing.

Just what is he doing? He is trying to put America first. You should be great fun and proud right this very moment.

Twelve years ago I went on a cruise to Mexico. We were greeted at Customs by Mexican soldiers with machine guns. They were protecting their country. When the cruise returned to the U.S., we simply departed the ship, grabbed our bags and left. There wasn't a presence of "fear" for anyone who may be trying to enter the US as there was when we entered Mexico. There wasn't a Border Patrol television series back then, and protecting our borders was rarely mentioned because terrorism wasn't as much a threat then as it is now. However, I found it interesting how serious the Mexican authorities took a cruiseline of tourist entering their country and how the return trip was like stepping off a plane.

Actions being taken now are for our children's futures- be proud, be supportive, and get out of the way or leave if you don't want this for your children. To put it in perspective, I saw a news segment this morning of a man who had sold his home and quit his job, hopped on a plane and came to America only to be detained at Lagardia and returned. The media was portraying him as a victim, but what does this really say about this gentleman? It says that foreigners feel like there is some form of entitlement in which they can just move in without following the proper steps and doing it legally.

That is how terrorist arrive, people. This isn't a ban on religions; it is the law. What would happen if the opposite occurred and you landed on Iranian soil? You would be accused of espionage and arrested. So how was this entitlement born? Obama allowed it just as he allowed small protests to become larger, more frequent and more dangerous ones.

Wake up, people. We can coexist, but we must follow the laws and do it the right way. Let our troops come home and help border patrol while the remaining ones take a well deserved vacation. They have earned it; Obama didn't.

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