Sunday, July 2, 2017

Democrats: It is Time to Move On

Our country is going to hell faster than the Democrats lost the election. The people who are protesting in the streets and demanding Trump's impeachment are as far removed from the reasons they state for this process as the DNC is in getting over their lack of preparedness in winning the election. The American people made a choice in the Democracy in which we live, and now it is WAY past time for the Democratic party, the people in the streets, celebrities, and the mass news organizations to get over their loss and get back to work.

As taxpayers, we should all be able to agree that the Russian-Trump collusion has been beaten to death. Our dollars are being wasted as the DNC blocks every item that President Trump and his staff has attempted to address. He is the first President that I can remember who apparently is using his campaign platform as a "To Do" list. One by one, he is trying to improve every item in which he said he would. He was elected because of his platform. He was not taken seriously. Voters were not taken seriously. Now, President Trump is not being treated fairly by the media and is being rejected by the DNC on every issue. Most importantly, as President of the United States, he is being openly and blatantly disrespected by news anchors, reporters, and celebrities.

As Americans, we should not allow anyone to disrespect our country or its leadership. If we do not like the leadership at any level, we have the power of the vote. Can you imagine what would happen if Saturday Night Live, Madonna, and all of the media outlets had slandered, mocked, criticized, and walled Obama's every move every day of every week?

First, they would have been afraid to do these things because of the racial fallout that would have occurred - and it would have regardless if the statements, skits, and constant rhetoric were accurate or not. Programs such as the NAACP and other organizations do not instigate havoc and publicity because of wrongdoing, but because of color. And, nobody on TV wants to jeopardize their career. Still, a President of the United States, regardless of color, should be treated with respect. If he does something wrong, illegal, immoral, then impeach him as Clinton was.

President Trump genuinely is trying to Make America Great Again. If we take the time to look beyond his businessman temperament and look into his heart when he talks about our military, our unemployed skilled workers, and the security of our country, his passion to fulfill his pledge is clear.

So get over it people. We get to vote again in four years. In the meantime, we need to get our hearts right with God, get out of the streets and act like adults and role models for our children, and restore our American culture.

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