Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not Quite There

The 100+ degree weather that we have had this week makes it hard to believe that football season is less than a month away. One would think that they are closer to getting through the gates of hell than through the gates of a stadium. It has been that hot.

I personally prefer the college games over the professional sports because I believe the college athletes give a 110% effort on every play. They do not go on the 90-day DL because of bad toenail, nor do they use the media to promote their individual being. In addition, the excitement is just not there in the NFL. I believe that the love of money has ruined professional sports. The college players bust their butts day in and day out in hopes to make it to the next level. Professional athletes are at that level, so what is their motivation?

The University of Alabama's Tyrone Prothro's football career ended with him giving his heart (and his body) in an attempted catch in an endzone. That is nothing new for Prothro as the highlight film is still being shown for the spectacular catch that he made the year before against Southern Mississippi. This is just one example of a college athlete giving his all for his team.....not the money. His career ended over his love of the game and his full participation in a team sport.

I do watch a few games on Sunday, but Saturday is my GameDay. Until Saturday ball starts, I will use the NFL Pre-season games to fine tune my surround sound and test a few recipes. I patiently await for that morning that I leave for work and that fall football smell is in the air. You know the one. There is nothing like it.



Free agency is important, but it has ruined pro sports as us [ahem] older folks knew it. A-Rod is a good example of the very worst an athlete can be.

As to football, many college athletes are well perked, but it is true that the passion of college football has no equal.

And what 100 degre weather are YOU speaking of? Here in Portland, we've been in the 70's and very low 80's this year.

431cruiser said...

You are having awesome weather in Portland! In Alabama, was 100+ with index of 110+ several days this week.


Today was 77. The next 2 days is expected to be in the 70's as well and in the high 60's on Sunday. The weatherman states it's been the coldest summer in 15 years. So far only 6 days at 90 or above.

Good weather for my beloved Oregon Ducks to practice.

431cruiser said...

Wow! That is nice weather...and probably with beautiful scenery. I have always wanted to go to Oregon.

We were mid-90's today with a little overcast. It was kind of like having a cold front push through after having the 100 degree days recently.

Coldest summer in 15 years kind of tests the global warming theory, eh?! After our weather here, I was almost convinced of it until I read your post!


Well, I must admit the last 7 years have been hot summers with 25 days or so above 90. This was a very odd summer, weather wise.