Saturday, August 4, 2007


This is just a test run of this blogging thing. I am hoping to promote my ebay site as well as simply blog my ideas and opinions on politics, sports, and marriage.



Alright, then bring it on! I'll tag this as a favorite for a few weeks and see how serious you are.

I have my doubts. You say you like the SEC. Well, the last two times my Oregon Ducks played an SEC team, they talked big but rolled over and played dead when the real hitting started.

So we'll see how you do.

431cruiser said...

Sorry, I just noticed your post. The Ducks are exciting to watch and have played well most of the time under Belotti.

I think the SEC games that you mentioned were against Mississippi State....everybody beats them. Or almost everybody. My team, Alabama, did not last year :(

No negative comments from about the Ducks...I like to watch them play.


We're going to try and run more this year. Jonathan Stewart is a very excellent back and I would not be surprised to see him in the top 10 for yards gained this year.

How do you think 'bama will do with Saban?

431cruiser said...

On one hand, I think it will be tough year because of all of the changes that you typically have with a new coach.

On the other hand, Alabama lost several games last year that they could have won, and had the opportunity to do so at some point in the games. A Saban-type coach would have won 10 or 11 games last year. Can they this year? I don't think so.

I think Alabama's best seasons under Saban are two season away. But there is one thing that I think everyone will agree on: Nick Saban is the first real coach that Alabama has had in a long, long time. My definition of a real coach is one that is not only a leader on the field, but is also a teacher of life's lessons.


Agreed. Saban will give them a mental toughness that few coaches can give. It's that mental toughness that gives a team the edge in close games.