Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Coach, A Columnist, & A QB Eating Chicken

I read an article the other day by Dennis Dodd in which he accused Oklahoma State's coach, Mike Gundy, of overreacting about the column that appeared on the front page of the The Oklahoman. After reading the article myself, and then watching Gundy go off during the press conference, I have to admit that I admire the coach for taking up for his player.

This lady was kicking a man when he was down, as the Coach Gundy pointed out, and you do not do that to anyone - especially to a young person - nor do you do it through a media outlet. She even poked fun at Bobby Reid for allowing his mother to hand-feed him in front of God and everybody. (I still have a mental picture of that.) She completely tore the quarterback down and I also imagine that she embarrassed him.

After Gundy finished his tirade, he left the room to the applause of those who were left behind, which were mostly media. I found this kind of interesting since most people of similar professions usually stick together. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Journalists use "freedom of speech" as an opportunity to write what they wish everyday and are more critical of coaches and athletes than are fans. Hats off to a coach who exercised his freedom of speech and spoke his opinion in return.

Games to watch this week:

California at Oregon.............Oregon by 10.

Michigan St. at Wisconsin........Wisconsin is over-rated and Michigan St. may prove it this weekend.

W. Virginia at South Florida.....this will be closer than expected and could go either way. If Jim Leavitt can rally his troops one more time and catch a break in the fourth quarter, they can pull off an upset.



OK, back from the glorious central Oregon coast- my best friend, eating like p-i-g-s, football football and more football and crashing on the beach with Tim and my big dog (Sam).

First, you say Oregon by 10- bless you, my son. A special place in heaven exists only for you.

WVA lost again. HOORAY!! A loser school with an always easy schedule in the worst conference. Year after year- and I get sick of it. When will east coast pukes wake up and realize they are not a BCS program- just an average program with traditionallty the easieast schedule in all of college football.

Now- 'Bama. Regardless of last week's game, they have improved leaps and bounds. I watched the game and was very impressed considering where they have recently come from. They may be a few years away, but the "Tide" has changed (sorry, had to do it). Just look at their early commitment list-

431cruiser said...

Hey, blazer! Sounds like you had a nice break.

Well, I was a little off on my three upsets for the weekend. It was looking for awhile like Oregon and Michigan St. were going to come through, but it just did not work out. These were still some very good football games, and I think your Oregon team matched up well with Cal.

Yes, we will have to wait awhile to see what Bama really has. You and I have discussed this several'll take a couple of year.

Amalie said...

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