Saturday, September 1, 2007

Not a Good Start....

Like a dog watching a cat through a chain-link fence, I have have been uptight this week. Pacing, drooling, whining, just waiting for it to get a little closer. This comes on the tail end of counting down the beginning of football season since it went out in January.

"Honey, did you know that it is only 7 more months until football season?" I asked her after the Super Bowl.
"Yes, dear, you have already told me," she mumbled back.

All the hype that I allowed myself to build up while waiting on football season was short-lived Thursday night. The traditional SEC kickoff game was good for awhile, but then turned into a blowout. I actually went to bed in the third quarter.

Last night, our #3 ranked 5A high school team did not come to their game prepared. True, they played a very good 6A team, but after watching them wax everyone they played last year on the way to the state championship game, including this same team, last night was disappointing. We sat in the rain and watched our team lose its first regular season home game in about 5 years. They beat this same team last year 37-7, again as a 5A versus a 6A, so I am sure the others guys were glad to return the favor. I can accept losing, but it is hard to accept being unprepared.

Today, all of the "good" games are coming on at the same time, so we will not be able to enjoy the usual 3 to 4 games that we watch on a football Saturday. I will have a couple of TV's on at the same time, but really need a couple more.

I do have to say that the ESPN pre-game show with Virginia Tech was very moving. Those kids, families, friends, and faculty have been through alot. After seeing some of the faces as the clip was played on the Jumbo Tron at the stadium(I think they call it Hokie TV), you can see that the wounds are far from healing.

Frank Beamer is another class act, and it was very cool how East Carolina was invited to come onto the field at the same time today with the Hokies amidst the cheering fans.

I will be a Hokie fan for today, but will always pray that no other kids of any school will have to worry about their safety while getting an education.



Tough about the HS team.

However, despite playing poorly, my beloved Oregon Ducks won. I see them an 8-4 team this year and a trip to either the Holiday or Sun Bowl. I hope they don't disappoint.


Also, with regards to the Michigan game, maybe this tells us a few things:

1) Stop with all the pre-season hype over the polls.

2) Applichan State IS a two-time defending national champ. They know how to compete and how to win. Both are things not easily taught.

3) There's no longer a wide distance between the divisions in college football. Remember Boise State's beating Oklahoma in a BCS game? Oklahoma was bigger, stronger, faster, more depth. But not all that much and Boise State showed heart and won.

431cruiser said...

Yes, your Ducks put some points on the board and I don't think that they will disappoint you this year.

Did you see the people's faces after the Michigan game? They were shocked. But what for? Like you said, App. St. is a defending champ.

No opponent should be looked over regardless of size or class. It looks like Michigan had already looked down the road past App. St. and with good reason - they have the Ducks next week. That will be a good game, but I believe Michigan starts the season 0 and 2.


Sadly, I like Michigan in the game. Oregon's defense is still a work in progress. Also, their current QB is a terrible passer and floats the ball. I think he'll have 2 or 3 'picks' and Michigan will take it. BUT, there's always hope!