Sunday, October 14, 2007

National Championship Not Looking Good for SEC

It seems like the SEC begins each season with 3 or 4 teams either ranked in the top 10, or a couple in the top 10 and another couple somewhere near it. They eventually weed themselves out and by season's end, the conference is fortunate if one of the teams is still in position for a shot at the National Championship game. This season has not been any different.

LSU and Florida were the SEC's most dominant earlier and I kind of figured that both of these would play in the SEC Championship and one of them would play in the big one for the Championship. As it turns out, only LSU, and only if it wins out, has the most realistic chance at playing for the SEC title. I do not think we will have a team with two losses playing in it, although we have in the past.

LSU will have their hands full next Saturday against Auburn as Auburn is a very good road team and have a strong defense. When you look at their common opponents, LSU has scored more points and has not lost. Auburn lost to Mississippi State, a team that LSU beat 45-0. Their most recent common opponent was Florida. While the margin of victory was similar, I believe that Auburn played Florida much better than LSU did.

The winner of Saturday's game will most likely represent the SEC West in Atlanta. I hate to count my Alabama team out, but I just do not believe that they are ready for the remainder of their schedule. I think the remaining schedule in the SEC East is in Kentucky's favor if they can find a way to get past Florida on Saturday. If they cannot, then you could very well have a two-loss team representing that division in the SEC Championsip game and it could be almost anybody in the group.

It is going to be interesting as the season progresses. There are three to four teams in each division that could play in the Championship game. While they are beating each other up, I am afraid that they are also knocking the Conference out of the National picture. Nine top 10 teams have lost in the last two weeks, so anything could happen.

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And this is why I do NOT like the BCS. Teams in conferences like the SEC & PAC-10 have a very difficult time going undefeated in conference as they play 5 or 6 top teams while teams in the ACC, Big East... play 0-2 top teams and can more easily win out.

To me, if we have to have a national champioship series, then determine the top 8 conferences, then add a couple of at-large teams (say if Hawaii goes undefeated or ND wins 11+ games...), seed the teams based on stregth of schedule only, and then have a mini tournament in some of the bowl games and the winner is the national champ- regardless of record. That way teams aren't punished for having to play in a tough conference.