Sunday, October 28, 2007

USC No Longer the Best in the PAC

In an earlier blog this season, I predicted USC to lose two to three games this season. With two in the bag, and four conference games remaining, they could very well lose more. USC is no longer the dominant team of the PAC-10.

Oregon went toe to toe with USC yesterday and handled them very well. The defense played well and stepped up at key moments of the game. The offense controlled the ball and kept the clock moving.

Just a few weeks ago, Oregon was 22 seconds away from tying California and trying to remain undefeated. Since then, California has lost three consecutive games but will be ready for USC in two weeks.

Oregon State is USC's next date and I believe this game could go either way. Oregon State has had a roller coaster season, and are a hard team to figure out. It will depend on which Oregon State team, and which USC team, arrives for the game. Same will be true on December 1, when USC meets UCLA. USC will be looking for revenge from last year's loss; UCLA has the potential to win again IF they are prepared and have the heart.

Arizona State will be USC's toughest game of the remaining season and should not have any trouble in handing USC its third (or fourth) loss. California got off to quick start last night against the Sun Devils, but could not hold on. Arizona State did what all good teams do, and that is they kept digging and digging until they were right back in the game and eventually won.

The title race in the PAC-10 is as wild as the Presidential race, and a lot more exciting. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day, and it will take the rest of the season to see how it shakes out. The eventual division winner may not be the best team in the division when it is all over, but it will be the one that is the best on the day it mattered most.



Next Saturday Oregon & Arizona State will determine who the top PAC-10 team is.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


431cruiser said...

Your Ducks are having a great year. Too bad time ran out on them against Cal. They are still in a good position, though, if they can win out and get a little help from the other teams.


The only problem with UO right now is our top 3 receivers have season ending injuries. We have more receivers, but not the kind that can separate and really stretch out the db's.

However, if we win we will go to #4, 3 or 2 in the BCS and if either OSU or BC (now THERE'S a fraud) stumble, then we can win out and play for all those marbles. Me, I'd like to play LSU as I thik they're very beatable and clearly not the #3 team.