Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Ready

I have read every article I can find related to the Alabama-LSU game. I surfed the web looking for all of the articles. I even googled the Baton Rouge newspaper to see what kind of stuff they were printing about the game, or at least about Nick Saban.

I have flipped through all of the channels on cable trying to catch all of the Alabama-LSU or Saban-Miles news conferences. I watched a replay of the Alabama-Tennessee game of two weeks ago just to get that feeling again.

I have mowed the grass and raked the leaves already for the weekend. I am getting my haircut, which is another Saturday chore, tomorrow. I have some firewood on the back porch just in case a cold front moves in this weekend. My weekend getup -- a pair of old shorts and an older T-shirt -- are ironed and ready to go. The refrigerator is stocked with food and tea.

Now, I need the game to go my way.

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