Thursday, November 8, 2007

This Week's Games

Other than a couple good SEC matchups, and Cal-USC in the PAC-10, there doesn't seem to be many "good" games this weekend. The top 5 looks like it may be safe, unless Illinois upsets Ohio State.

My first game of the day will be Alabama-Miss. State, while also flipping over to keep up with Arkansas-Tennessee. At 2:30 cst, my wife and I will watch her Auburn team battle Georgia, while also keeping up with Texas Tech-Texas and Illinois-Ohio State.

The night games that I will watch will be Florida-South Carolina, while flipping over to catch Cal-USC at the same time.

By 11pm, I will be full of cheese dip and cross-eyed from a typical Saturday of watching a half-dozen football games and flipping channels - unless one of the kids loses the remote. In that case, I will be in jail.

Here are my weekend picks:

Michigan at Wisconsin......take Wisconsin +3.

Illinois at Ohio State......Ohio State wins, but closer than expected...take Illinois +15.5

Auburn at Georgia......Auburn is a very good road team and always finishes the season strong....take Auburn +2

California at USC.....I really feel that this is a toss up, and home field advantage does not exist. I am going with the coach....take USC -4.



Oregon is #2!

However, I think Kansas or OK will pass us up and we'll get screwed yet once again.

431cruiser said...

Oregon, Kansas, and Oklahoma are definately the top 3. I would like to see Oregon vs. Kansas or Oregon vs. Oklahoma. Hopefully, Oregon will hold on to #2...unless they can move to #1 with an LSU loss! I am pulling for them!


To me, if Kansas finishes undefeated (even though their 4 at home non conference games were against push overs) they deserve to get the nod for the championship game.

However, I maintain Oregon is better than either LSU or Oklahoma in that our non conference schedule were all 3 bowl bound teams- and one was Michigan at their place.

But we're west coast and have to suffer for it.