Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Football Weekend For Me.....

The football season is coming to an end and although my team is nothing fancy right now, I hate to see it go. I get all worked up every summer while waiting for that first kickoff. Then, like the last day of a long vacation, I get a little down when it ends.

My old high school team was eliminated from the second round of the playoffs Friday night. They lost a lot of last year's talent to graduation, but still managed to have a good season. They were not expected to make it to the State Championship game again, but they were expected to make it beyond the second round.

Friday night, they were beaten by a less talented team that walked onto the field prepared to play. We shanked our only field goal attempt, and never made it to the end zone. The final score was UMS-Wright 3, Eufaula 0. The field goal for UMS was setup by a blocked punt. If you are into defense, and I am, this was a defensive battle. Eufaula, although more talented, was not ready for this game. Congratulations to UMS-Wright for back to back shockers. They knocked off the #2 team last week.

The same was true for the Crimson Tide yesterday. They walked onto the field unprepared and was beaten by a school that played a good game. Anybody can beat anybody on any Saturday. Alabama has lost three in a row and now face Auburn - the in-state rival.

Auburn has had Alabama's number the last 5 years, and if Alabama does not find some offense, will have it again this year. This one is for the bragging rights. This one gets you through the winter, spring, and summer, and gives you something to talk about at the start of next season. This one has wrecked marriages, caused brothers to shoot brothers, and helped fans to become more obnoxious.

Saban, if you are reading this, please get the boys ready. I am tired of hearing my brother, wife, and kids talk about how Auburn and everybody else can beat Alabama. I know that the Tide will turn the corner in a couple of seasons and be a consistently ranked team again. But, I really need this win against Auburn to help me through until then.

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Yeah, my season is down the toilet as well.

Oregon lost it's top 3 receivers for the year, two of their 3 starting linebackers, the RB who shared the #1 spot and now they lose their Heisman candidate QB for the year and lose to AZ and now have two more tough games and they are so depleted they hardly have a chance to win.

I know injuries are part of the game, but to lose 7 key starters for the season is just too much. What could have been a magical season down the tubes.