Monday, May 19, 2008

Golfing story...

I heard a funny story at the coffee pot this morning. Our company golf tournament was this past weekend. We had about 20 four-man teams for the annual scamble.

One of the teams finished with 7 over par, a buzz, and a fish. I almost rolled in the floor as I heard the guys describe how they were teeing off on #8 and asked the other team where their teammates were. Keep in mind, with four players on a team and two player in each cart, there should be at least two carts playing each hole. One team will usually play faster than another, forcing one team to have to wait on another. With 20 teams, it gets worse. You end up with several teams at the same hole waiting for someone to get finished.

Back to the story.. two players (one cart) arrive at the 8th hole and are having to wait for this other team to finish playing. A four man scramble takes awhile per hole. So these two guys show up and are rushing the four. That is when one of the four asks where the other teammates are.

"They stopped over in the woods to pee awhile back and we ain't seen 'em since," one of the players said. I guess you had to be there to really understand how hilarious this sounded. These two guys went on about their business playing the game while their teammates were gone to the bathroom. No wonder they were playing quicker and catching up with other people. One of the guys that was missing supposedly caught a fish from one of the ponds.

With only two of the four playing at least half the holes, it kind of explains why they finished 7 over in the scramble. Most of the teams hovered around par, with most being just under and some being 8 or 9 under. These guys were 7 over and probably had more fun than anyone out there.

One of the guys told me that he started out with 12 balls and didn't bring any of them home. I asked, "How did your team finish?" He replied, "With about a 12-pack."

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