Sunday, June 15, 2008

John Parker Wilson

I have always thought that JPW was one tough cookie. He can take a hit and hop right back up even if his helmet is on sideways. I have also always thought that any team could beat Alabama simply by pressuring JPW. He cannot handle the pressure and will turn the ball over quicker than you can say, "Don't do that." Remember the MSU game? LSU? FSU?

So my two first thoughts when JPW's name is mentioned is that the kid is very tough, and that does not handle pressure very well. I did not realize that he will likely be the holder of many significant records at UA by the end of the season.

He needs 732 passing yards and 5 TD passes to capture Brodie Croyle's school record. He should be able to achieve this if he can stay healthy for about three games.

Croyle was another quarterback that was tough as nails. However, he was more proned to stay down once he got hit, especially if he landed on his shoulder. I always thought of him as a good, tough quarterback, but never considered him being in the NFL. He will be Kansas City's starting quarterback this year. He lasted a couple of years longer than any of us thought he would, and now is in the driver's seat.

I am hoping to see Brodie on some of ESPN's clips this year. I am also hoping that John Parker shakes all of last year's negatives from his head and has a very successful senior year. He has the arm and the physical toughness. He just needs to play better under pressure.

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