Monday, August 4, 2008

Another dog story...

I installed a flood light with a motion detector on the corner of my front porch the other day. A few minutes after I went to bed that night, I could see light from that flood light shining through my bedroom blinds and got up to see what it had detected.

About the time that I peeked through the blinds it turned itself off so I got back in the bed. As soon as I laid down, the light came back on and I hurried to the window only for it to turn back off.

"I really need to adjust the setting," I told my wife. It was only staying on for about four seconds.

Again, the light came on again as soon as I got back into the bed and went off as I made it back to the blind. This time, I stood at the window and stared into the darkness waiting on the light to turn back on. After fifteen minutes, I gave up and went to bed.

As I walked into the garage to leave for work the next morning, something in the front yard caught my attention. I walked around to see what it was and could not believe my eyes.

Someone's dog, with a small chain for a leash, was tangled around one of my 8 month old trees. This tree was 6 1/2' tall when I bought it for $50, and had already grown to about 8' tall. It was bent over at about 2 1/2' above the ground I assume because the dog had been trying to free itself all night. I also assume this is why the flood light kept turning on. The tree is out of the range of the light, but a dog on a leash dancing around would be in range.

I ran towards the dog so that I could help him and try to save my tree before it was further damaged. I was not quick enough. The tree broke and the dog ran out of my yard dragging the upper portion of the tree.

The 8 months of growth that I lost ticks me off more than the money that the tree cost.

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Yeah, mine gets tripped by a possum. I'm gonna shoot that darn thing.