Sunday, August 24, 2008

Glad TS Fay Came This Weekend...

My wife and I were sitting in the screened back porch yesterday afternoon, drinking tea and watching the trees move rapidly from side to side. The wind was changing directions frequently, so we were getting the breeze and keeping dry at the same time. We were trying to decide if we were going to cook the ribs outside or inside, and were weighing the pros and cons of each. Since the worst of the weather was not yet upon us, I was afraid that if we cooked outside, the wind may change directions, blow harder, rain harder, or all of it, which would make it impossible to grill. My wife was afraid that once we started inside, the power might go out. Little did we know that the power had already gone out for the third time that day. (She happened to look over her shoulder and notice the TV was turned off...something that the kids just will not do.) Mother Nature had turned it off and it would stay off until 9 pm.

We received 9 3/4" of rain in my neighborhood from Friday night until this morning around 8am when I dumped the rain gauge for the second time. (I dumped the first 5" out at lunch yesterday.) We needed the rain, and Tropical Storm Fay delivered it. I also lost a couple more of those expensive trees that I mentioned a few posts ago.

We live 3 hours from the Gulf Coast, and it always amazes me how much damage we receive although we are so far away. It really makes me think about the people along the coast. It also makes me realize that no matter what we sometimes think, we are not the ones that are in control.

I am glad that we received the rain, and I am glad that the electricity has been repaired. Most of all, I am glad that Fay paid us a visit this weekend instead of next. What a bummer it would have been to have waited nearly a year for football season, only to have been without electricity at kickoff.

In closing, I learned today that our local Tide player, Courtney Upshaw, will get to wear his high school number from last year.

WARNING TO THE OPPOSING TEAMS: #41 will knock you out.

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I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your grilled ribs.

Is there anything I can do?