Tuesday, September 2, 2008


What a way to start football season! I sat through a nail-biter Friday night as our local 5A high school team opened the season at against a big 6A team. These two opened against each other for about 15-20 consecutive years before ending the tradition about 8-10 years ago.

Eufaula and Dothan always reminded you of a playoff game although it was the first game of the season. They were defensive games and usually ended with a 3-0, 7-3, 10-7 kind of score. No team ever scored over 14 points and the margin of victory was always close. We would be disappointed Friday night as Eufaula, ranked #1 in the 5A polls and playing with a back-up quarterback, squeaked by Dothan 13-9. Eufaula's starting quarterback suffered a knee injury earlier in August that may put a damper on his senior year.

We had our usual upsets and blowouts in the NCAA. I was especially proud of my Alabama Crimson Tide and the way they handled themselves in their opener. Obviously, Clemson was not the #9 team the polls made them out to be, but forget the score. The lack of penalties, the teamwork, the decision making by the quarterback, and overall team spirit of Alabama did not look like that of a young team in their opening game of the season.

They have a hard time finishing, and then staying focused the next week, so we will see what kind of job the coaches can do with them this week.

Ohio St. vs USC is right around the corner, and should be one heck of a game. It is kind of hard to tell what they have when they don't play anyone, but right now, I am going to give USC the edge.

We dodged the hurricane this weekend, but it looks like Mother Nature is going to give us a couple of more opportunities in the next week or so. Football season is here. Life is good!



Ya know, the one & only game that "surprised" me completely was the Michigan loss. Terrible coaching.

I was mildly surprised at the Tennessee loss at UCLA as well.

The Alabama win didn't shock me as I knew Saban would have his team better prepared for this season.

And, my Oregon Ducks won despite losing their #1 QB for the year.

431cruiser said...

BYU put it on UCLA yesterday. Wow! They may have more than people realize....


Unbelievable. I can't recall a team doing so well one week and so poor the next.