Thursday, October 24, 2013

ESPN's Thursday Thesis

Tonight, the question was what does last week's SEC upsets say about the SEC...or something like that. It was so ridiculous, that I can't fully remember the question. All week they have continued to talk about the SEC "upsets" last weekend. What they have failed to mention is that the SEC teams who lost were beaten by other SEC teams. So the answer to the thesis is that it took another SEC team to beat the first it does every year. If the SEC didn't have to play against other SEC teams, their dominance would be even greater than has been discussed the last...what..7 years? Think about it. The SEC usually begins the season holding the more top 10 positions than any other conference. Who knocks them out? Other SEC teams. However, by season's end, the SEC will still occupy more top 10 positions than any other conference.

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