Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Freelance Writing

So recently I have been browsing sites such as Elance and Freelance and it is amazing to me the number of people, most of whom are from third-world countries - but, still, many Americans - will write for pennies per word. The disgusting part of this is that the corporations who post these ads EXPECT, DEMAND, DRIVE, PUSH, CHEAT, STEAL, FORCE their way into getting people to do this.

For example, I submitted an offer on a job in which the "employer" specifically stated, "If you disagree with my rates ($10/500+words), tell me in your proposal. Also, tell me how many articles a day you can write."

So, I told her how many I could write, that I would write exclusively for her, and what my rate was. A week later, I received a message, conducted a Skype interview, and began writing a few hours later. In addition, I prompted her attention during the Skype interview that my rate was not the $10 she was seeking. In fact, of 25+ applicants, nobody's rate was that low. They ranged from $20 to over $800. I was in the bottom third.

Now, that I have written four articles and the bill has been delivered, the "employer" read her ad back to me about the $10/500 words. Of course, I read my offer back to her, which had been formally accepted through the Elance platform. Still, she declined my offer. So guess what? Now, I am taking necessary action to either get paid or stop my articles from being used.

To think that someone in this country would research and then write for two hours for $5/hour is crazy. It is also disrespectful to take advantage of the poor in other countries, but they do it, those desperate for money accept it, and that is why it is insulting to us. We have more than we need; do we think we are too good for less?

While pondering over that question, I used the internet to find my posting articles and contact the webmasters, who promptly removed them.

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