Monday, August 17, 2015

Good For You, Tim Tebow

An NFL quarterback by NFL standards, or not, I admire Tim Tebow's determination, patience, and perseverance in pursuing his dream. Talented and committed to his physical conditioning, Tebow has remained steadfast in his stance in which position he will play on the field, if he plays in the NFL. Even after spending last season in the broadcast booth, he did not change his stance in playing quarterback. Without a doubt, he has the size, speed, and toughness to play fullback for any team, and be a starter. He has the size and hands to play tight-end. Yet, his desire to play quarterback in the NFL is so strong that he is willing to gamble not playing at all by being a third quarterback on a roster, and probably not seeing the field, at best.

In writing this, I am beginning to consider that getting paid millions to stay healthy and on the bench as a number three quarterback might not be a bad move, but a brilliant play call instead. But, Tebow is too much of a competitor to have a plan such this. Or is he? A competitor would be willing to do the difficult and to face the real challenge head on: punching the ball a few yards up the middle against a heavy front seven as a fullback. That challenge of breaking loose for the end zone or knocking a linebacker out of the way would pump up the adrenaline for most. Or what about providing pass protection for the quarterback he wants to be? However, the money and sitting on the bench, being part of something great without being physically and permanently damaged years after a long career, could also be a turn a way...and a smart one. But not for a competitor, such as Tebow.

I was not a fan of Tim Tebow when he played at Florida and this was primarily because I am a University of Alabama fan. It was also because he was constantly receiving all of the air-time attention when there were many, many great players and stories from other schools that deserved equal time and recognition. It continued even after his college career was offer.

Now, however, I am a fan - not because he is Tim Tebow, or the underdog of quarterbacks, or a Christian, or because he did mission work, all of which I support. I am a fan because he is pursuing his dream and not letting the negative comments, the rejections, or even missing a season stand in the way. We need more people like Tim Tebow; people who do not take "no" for an answer. People who live under conviction of pursuing dreams, pursuing God, and not caring what people think.

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