Friday, September 11, 2015

The Donald

Donald Trump has announced many times in the past that he was running for the top office, only to back out later. This year, he seems to be all-in as long as he continues to get the attention and the high rating for the GOP nomination. If the truth were known, I think that he has probably surprised himself as being the forerunner, especially given all of the toes that he has stepped on - make that, crushed. But that is Donald Trump, so why does the media seemed so surprised when he hurls one of his rocks? I think they are surprised because he is able to do that and still maintain a lead.

While he is certainly more wealthy than the average citizen that will be voting, Trump is representing all Americans at this particular moment who are ready for change. Do most politicians take him seriously? No. Will he be our next President? No. But right now, he is using the platform to state all the things that you and I would like to say if we had a voice.

Do we need a wall with a big beautiful door at the Mexican border? Absolutely. Is Obamacare creating a lot of trouble for employers, doctors, and patients? Yes. That is why we had to begin filling out forms at the doctor's office which we have been going to the last 20 years. Are there problems with security? Yes. Is Rosie... well, I won't go there.

Trump is saying things that need to be said, and stepping over, through, or around the hurdles to get the issues on the table. While I do not appreciate the disrepectful, childish-type comments he has made with his name-calling, etc, I do appreciate his stating the hard truths about the condition of our country. More than anything else right now, we need to protect our borders and, then, build jobs while regaining the leadership in technology, trade, military, and the value of a dollar.

A simple person like myself would never be heard. While he may not be elected, even by me, his voice is definitely being heard and I appreciate that, Donald Trump.

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