Monday, October 5, 2015

Property Matrix - The Most Efficient Employee in Your Office

If you own or manage multiple properties of any kind, Property Matrix is a must-have software that will help you with your daily tasks while also promoting your properties. With Property Matrix, a property manager can view one unit, multiple units, and even units at multiple locations using your mobile phone, iPad, or computer and internet connection. The software allows a person to see all of the details necessary for any unit in your database of properties. This includes vacancies, invoicing, necessary maintenance, and ensuring vendors are paid.

In addition,Property Matrix can be used to create multiple online ads that promote the available properties, allowing prospective tenants to find a home that fits their needs and then submit their applications online. The ads are quickly posted with just one click of a mouse and are submitted to multiple online resources, thus, making Property Matrix a marketing machine. Other features of this property management software are that rental payments and lease agreements can be handled electronically and securely.

As applications are received electronically through Property Matrix, each tenant is screened to ensure the best applicant takes occupancy over each vacancy available. Background screening of tenants is the most important part of narrowing down the pool of applicants. After all, the purpose of owning investment properties is to maintain a stream of income.

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